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Gothenburg is the second biggest city of Sweden. Situated on the West Coast, the beautiful archipelago, green parks, the lively bar streets and great restaurants is just a short ride away.

Travelers usually use the characteristically blue trams to get around the many-sided city. Every once in a while the commuters can also be lucky enough to find one of our books with a blue sticker. Our movement works kind of like a library. You find a book you like, borrow it, read it and return it on the nearest tram when you’re finished. If you want to, you could share your reading experience with us on social media as well. Just tag our Instagram-account @booksonthetram and/or use the hashtag #booksonthetram for a feature.

Books on the tram launched in Gothenburg in July, 2018. Our vision is simple: We want to share great books with the travelers – whether you are a recurring commuter or a tourist strolling the town. The books come from our own bookshelves, along with authors, publishers, libraries, friends and the public. The most books are in Swedish, and our goal is that every type of reader will be able to find their own favorite genre among our selection.

The founder is Johannes Gustavsson. He’s a 90’s kid working with digital communication that mysteriously enough still haven’t given up on real books made out of dead trees.

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